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Publicado el 01-22-2007
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MACHETE Music, because a knife is not enough in today’s urban music
To talk about the next level on the reggaeton movement, it’s essential to learn this name: Machete Music –a division from Universal Music- the record company that was created to capitalize the rapidly increasing trend with a specialty in Latin hip hop, rap, dance hall and of course Reggaeton.

If you are looking for the most recent musical boom in the Latin music business, you only need to know one word: Reggaeton. This music, a sub genre of the urban explosion, was first perceived; three years ago when it made it to the mainstream, in many ways.

First of all by ‘party people’, most of them between the ages of 15 and 24; and what they like the most about it was the aggressive, explicit and sensuous rhythm, perfect for dancing and even better accompanied by sexy –almost sexual- moves that left little to the imagination. Some of them with the lyrics too hot to handle, just the way they talk in the streets, full of slang, and mostly Porto Rican jargon.

But there was a second group, certainly older and wiser than the first one, with a broader way of thinking and consequently with a bigger goal. These were persons, working in the music business, who were looking for different ways to cure the economic deterioration the industry was suffering, and without a doubt reggaeton helped them in a way nobody anticipated, bringing some new air [and money] to the industry. With the success of artists such as Daddy Yankee, Don Omar or Tego Calderon, labels started looking for these types of acts. This was the first of many changes that came with the explosion on Latin Urban Music.

Nonetheless, you should know that reggaeton is in no way a new gender, it has strong roots in the 80’s and basically three countries were involved in its origin: Jamaica, Panama and Puerto Rico. It was rappers from Puerto Rico who took this movement to the next level and songs like “La Gasolina” (Daddy ...
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Expandiendo Consciencia
Por las Redes Sociales
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