Silvina Moreno Argentinean most talented singer songwriter

Silvina Moreno Argentinean most talented singer songwriter

For the first time @ LAMC - NYC

Silvina Moreno is currently one of the most talented singer/songwriters from Argentina. Her music is a clear reflection of her personality, and a delicate journey around the everyday life of a woman, imprinted by freshness, sympathy and a spark of female power. For the first time, she will be part of the Latin Alternative Music Conference, presenting her brand new album “Sofá”.

She started her career as a young little girl, who already knew quite early on that she was meant to be a musician. When she turned twenty, she moved to the US to attend Berklee College of Music. While earning hours of expertise, she recorded what later became her first solo album “Mañana”. After five years of living in Boston and New York, she moved back to Buenos Aires, and released it as an indie record which got her a nomination for a Gardel Award, Argentina’s most prestigious music awards. With this album, she toured Latin America, USA, the UK, Netherlands and Germany. She also opened shows for Alicia Keys, Gilberto Gil, Dirty Projectors, Michael Bolton, among other artists. Late in 2015, she released her second album called “Real”. Silvina’s uprising career kept major labels very interested, until she finally signed a record deal with Sony Music and recorded her third album “Sofa”, produced by multi Grammy award-winning artist and producer Eduardo Cabra (Visitante Calle 13). This album includes twelve new songs, and was released in late May 2017.

“I’ve liked her music since the first moment the label showed me the project. I could see in Silvina a unique performer. I love to work with unique projects and this project is unique. That’s why I loved being involved with this album. Silvina is a very talented musician, and has a great capacity of composition and a good taste. She has all the ingredients are needed to be a great artist.” Eduardo said.

The first single is called “Frío en los Pies” (which translates to “Cold Feet”) and features recognized award winning Argentinean artist Kevin Johansen. The song’s music video had a great impact in Latin America. “Frío en Los Pies” features cumbia rhythms from Perú, which contribute to a cheerful, positive vibe that emerged from the amazing connection between both singers.