Rosalía’s New Album “El Mal Querer” Will Be Released Globally On November 02, 2018

Rosalía’s New Album “El Mal Querer” Will Be Released Globally On November 02, 2018

Sony Music Spain today announces the planned November 2nd global release of Rosalía’s new album El Mal Querer. Composed by Rosalía, with the young star also co-producing with El Guincho, the album is already widely viewed as one of Latin music’s most anticipated and influential fall releases.

With a Best New Artist Latin GRAMMY® nomination already to her credit for the debut album “Los Ángeles,” Rosalía has now further developed a distinctive sound of her own that meshes the classic flamenco influences of her heritage with modern urban sounds. The result is a new sound fusion that, when combined with Rosalía’s unique style and groundbreaking videos, has quickly propelled the 24-year old songwriter and vocalist to become a leading artistic voice for a new generation of music fans in Spain, with a worldwide fanbase quickly following.

A major factor in this cultural explosion across the summer has been the release of advance ‘chapters’ (singles and videos) “Malamente” and “Pienso En Tu Mirá” which have already been praised for their “ravishing filmmaking’ and as “Best Videos of 2018”. Upon discovering these advance releases, even other music artists, such as Pharrell Williams, Khalid, J Balvin, Juanes, Romeo Santos and many more have taken to social media to voice support for Rosalía. The captivating quality of her music also quickly attracted the attention of Pedro Almodóvar, who has already cast Rosalía in her feature film debut – working alongside Penélope Cruz on the famed director’s upcoming “Dolor y Gloria.” Now, with the November 2nd release of El Mal Querer, fans will be able to delve into the remaining chapters of the story that began with “Malamente” and “Pienso En Tu Mirá”.

“El Mal Querer is the way I understand flamenco music here and now,” explains Rosalía. “I’ve been working on this project two whole years of my life, building it with no rush. It has helped me to improve and grow as a musician, composer and producer – for which I am thankful. My dream has always been to share my music with people, and these are songs that were made for everybody”

Ahead of the album’s release, Rosalía is currently in the United States, where she already performed at the famed Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles and a Latin GRAMMY® showcase in Miami with Juanes. Her special appearances continued last night with an exclusive Fashion week showcase in New York City.

“Rosalía is one of a kind…a Barcelona-born singer with a stop-your-heart voice and a breathtaking look… Rosalía tethers her knowledge of traditional styles with modern influences in order to, “revolutionize flamenco… a loving combination that, isn’t quite like anything else around.”- FADER

“Rosalía is proving to be one of the most inventive young players in Latin music ahead of her second album El Mal Querer’ Rosalía’s May single “Malamente” was the first chapter, and she stamped it with the alternative title of augurio, an omen. On “Pienso En Tu Mirá,” she shifts her focus toward celos, or jealousy …A bulería flamenco infused with Rosalía’s signature hip-hop and pop sensibilities, “Pienso En Tu Mirá” is an old-world lament of love… sung for a new world of young women breaking out.” – NPR

“Rosalía’s voice is liquid velvet, unfurling a story in every sigh. The 24-year-old Spanish singer’s ‘Malamente,’ consumes the listener with curling drums and soft synths that tug you into her world completely… The song’s spine is the staccato sound of hand claps, which continue throughout, poking through the seductive spell of Rosalía’s voice. The world she creates in the song is a glimmering haze…The accompanying video is a trip, too…. Uniting a commanding flamenco rhythm with Latin pop vocal stylings, Rosalía weaves a tale of envious lovers with high-stakes turmoil with ‘Pienso en Tu Mirá’… The tormented state of mind is heightened by the song’s powerful video… the most striking image appears midway, when a person in a checkered suit furiously dances el baile flamenco over a pile of burning embers at night—a visual representation of Rosalía’s stunning fusion of old and new traditions.”– Pitchfork

“Everyone is talking about Rosalía’s new video “Malamente” – which you will play on loop. There is something in Rosalia which brings to mind Rihanna. It is in her attitude… Only this diva is Spanish. Rosalía recently surprised with Brillo (her collaboration with J.Balvin) a feminist anthem of the 21st century – then returned to thrash the Internet with “Malamente”. Is it possible to mix trap and flamenco, a fusion of tango and urban pop? “Malamente” gives an affirmative answer… and the video clip is one of the best we’ve seen in 2018… Long live the millennial queen of flamenco.” – VOGUE

“We saw a concert that has gone down in the history of the music of our country, and we analyze the phenomenon of this young woman who mixes flamenco, electronics and urban music like nobody else… an electrifying nervousness crossed the audience of the Festival Cultura Inquieta. We were waiting for HER… and Rosalía did not disappoint-offering a complete, magical and extraordinary show… ‘Malamente’ has become a generational symbol, a sign of what Rosalía is, and can become… Rosalía devoured the stage with her sensuality… the choreography leaves us speechless… I have never seen anything like it” – Telva