Panteón Rococó Closes The 19th Annual Hollywood Forever Day Of The Dead Event

Panteón Rococó Closes The 19th Annual Hollywood Forever Day Of The Dead Event

With A Memorable Performance

The emblematic Latin ska band Panteón Rococó headlined the 19th annual Hollywood Forever Day of the Dead Festival on Saturday, October 27, where they performed for the first time in Los Angeles their newest singles “El Último Ska” and “Déjà vu (Tonantzin)” off their upcoming and anticipated album Infiernos.

After visiting a variety of media outlets that received the band with their arms wide open, the night received them in an even a more spectacular way. In front of over 30,000 attendees, Panteón Rococó’s performance not only featured impactful words and videos of resistance and empowering messages, but also mixed in their classic hits and versions of cumbias that thrilled the diverse and energetic endless sea of crowd throughout the popular cemetery; a unique type of venue that the band in over 23 years of trajectory, had never previously performed in. Each year, the massive Hollywood Forever Day of the Dead festival is celebrated with music and theatrical performances, traditional art, food vendors, altars, Aztec Ritual Dancers, and more throughout the cemetery leading up to the headliner’s performance.

The official video clip for “El Último Ska” is out now, filmed in the depths of Mexico City, highlighting 100% of the authenticity of the places, colors, smells and emblematic constructions from where Panteón Rococo’s great history began. Several hundreds of fans, who have accompanied them for more than two decades and new followers, participated with their families strengthening this significant video with their energy where Panteón Rococo’s essence unites with their people in a celebration of joyful identity.