Omertà Cucina & theater Bar, opens its doors in Doral

Omertà Cucina & theater Bar, opens its doors in Doral

Omertà Cucina and Theater Bar opens its doors in Doral, offering a one of a kind experience that will transport guests to different parts of the world. The restaurant is an international tapas bar serving small plates, where Consultant Chef Alfredo Alvarez (Seaspice) and Executive Chef Hernando “Nando” Cely (Vagabond Motel)  took inspiration from Asian, Spanish and Latin ingredients. Our menu consist of various sections, each with their own identity and prepared with knowledge and technique so guests can indulge in a variety of different dishes and flavor combinations.

Omertà also offers and array of entertainment in their Micro Theater, ranging from artist performances, comedians, mini-plays and cabaret style shows.

Our Chefs: With over 30 years of culinary experience under his belt, including famed restaurants Trattoria Dopo Teatro in New York and Seasalt & Pepper (now Seaspice) and celebrity clients such as Robert de Niro, Andy Garcia, Michael Douglas, Bill Clinton and  more, Venezuelan born Chef Alfredo Álvarez crafted and created this one of a kind menu as executive culinary consultant for Omertà.

Executing for Omertà is Chef Hernando “Nando” Cely who was born and raised in Bogota, Colombia. At  the age of 20 he finished his studies at The Institute of Culinary Arts of Colombia, then moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina to learn more about the country’s the culinary world.  He further pursued his passion in the US, starting with a stop in New York and finally landing in Miami where he found comfort in calling it home. There he worked alongside Catalan Chef Marc Vidal who taught him Spanish cuisine. He also  worked with Louis Quant at Bulla Gastrobar where he redefined his passion for the small “tapas” plates.  His most recent project before Omerta was at Vagabond Restaurant as a sous chef sharing the kitchen with Los Angeles based Executive Chef Alex Chang.