New Video from Tomasa del Real – “Sirena”

New Video from Tomasa del Real – “Sirena”

In just a short amount of time, Tomasa del Real has grown from a highly sought-after tattoo artist to the queen of neo-perro revolutionizing reggaeton music. Tomasa says, “El reggaeton es un lubricante social.” Her new video for “Sirena” premiered on Noisey en Español. Tomasa says of the track, “‘Sirena” was my first collaboration with DJ Blass and was also the first time I worked with auto-tune, which gave me the superpower to create melodies with my voice. The result was “Sirena,” where I reference the famous siren call as a hypnotic magnet that wants to take you dancing for a thousand hours near the sea.”

Born Valeria Cisternas en Iquique, Chile, reggaeton was one of the soundtracks of Tomasa’s hometown. She began working as a tattoo artist but started working on songs with the help of some of her friends, a laptop, and Wi-Fi.

Her album, Bellaca del Año, features a number of prominent guests such as brunOG, the young Latin Grammy-nominated Mexican producer lighting up the urban music scene, as well as Toy Selectah and Ulises Lozano (Kinky).

Tomasa has shared her music, which critics have described as the future of reggaeton, with audiences in Chile, Mexico, the US, and Spain. The rest of the world is next.