Natalia Lafourcade Release “Musas”

Natalia Lafourcade Release “Musas”

"Un Homenaje al Folclore Latinoamericano en Manos de Los Macorinos Vol 2"

Natalia Lafourcade’s captivating journey through Latin American music traditions continues with the release of Musas: Un Homenaje Al Folclore Latinoamericano En Manos De Las Macorinos Vol. 2, available now on a physical edition and on all digital music platforms. It’s an exquisite selection of 13 songs interpreted by Natalia in a magical way that shows that Latin music traditions continue to evolve and are more relevant than ever.

Accompanied, as she was on Vol. 1., by the acoustic-guitar duo Los Macorinos, Natalia Lafourcade takes a deep dive into rhythm, wordplay and artistry. With songs written by such great composers as Alberto Domínguez, Simón Díaz and Margarita Lecuona, Natalia immerses us in vibrant genres such as bolero on “Alma Mía,” Yucatecan trova on “Desdeñosa,” “son itsmeño” on “La Llorona” and Cuban son on “Danza de Gardenias.”

Natalia Lafourcade also includes three of her original songs on this project, which comfortably nestle themselves among the classic material and feature her maturity, vivid language and poetry-filled vignettes. “Hoy Mi Día Uno” and first single “Danza de Gardenias” are brand-new songs, while “Derecho de Nacimiento” had been previously released in digital format only, in support of the Mexican student protest movement #MúsicosConYoSoy132.

This volume of Musas features musicians from different generations. “Danza de Gardenias” includes young talents like El David Aguilar on songwriting and harmony vocals, with the Colombian female group Ventino also contributing with their back up vocals. Other guests include such legends as Omara Portuondo (Buena Vista Social Club) and Eugenia León on songs such as “Alma Mía.” Working together on this project, this mix of ages and perspectives adds to the timeless feel.

Natalia has always been known for her outstanding vocal range, expressiveness and pitch, and on Vol. 2 she sounds better than ever. She can wrangle a large Cuban son band, yet offer a nuanced performance accompanied only by Los Macorinos’ guitars. Her voice can take us from intimate romantic confessions to raucous celebrations. Giving her voice spot-on musical arrangements are the album’s producer Cheche Alara and arranger Gustavo Guerrero, who reprise their role from Vol. 1. A five-time Latin GRAMMY winner, Alara is an Argentine musician, songwriter and producer. Guerrero is a Venezuelan multi-instrumentalist who has been Natalia’s bandleader for over five years. This virtuoso duo captures the organic and natural way that Natalia, Los Macorinos and the other musicians channel the emotions of these songs.

Commenting about this release, Natalia said: “My own tribute is to tell the stories of everyone through music. I feel fortunate because I was able to create a project that’s an homage to something I believe in: the music that we have in Mexico and other places that are very much ours. I believe it’s important to interpret the songs of these great composers with respect and humility.”

The physical edition of Musas, Un Homenaje Al Folclore Latinoamericano En Manos De Los Macorinos, Vol. 2, includes a poster with several illustrations that Natalia created. This powerful material finds Natalia’s soul filled with deep and abiding musical roots, as she makes audiences around the world understand the timeless sentiments behind these songs.

About Musas:

The Musas project is one of Latin music’s most critically acclaimed works. During the 2017 Latin GRAMMYs®, Vol. 1 of Musas was named “Best Folk Album”, while the documentary film Musas: El Documental, won “Best Longform Music Video”. Fans and journalists alike have hailed Natalia’s deft touch and mastery of genres ranging from the son jarocho to ranchera. With the release of Vol. 2., even more traditions of Latin American folklore are highlighted and reimagined.

Tracklist of Musas:

Un Homenaje Al Folclore Latinoamericano En Manos De Los Macorinos Vol. 2:
1. Danza de Gardenias (Dance of the Gardenias) / Natalia Lafourcade & David Aguilar Dorantes
2.Alma Mía (Soul of Mine) / María Grever
3.Hoy Mi Día Uno (Today My Day One) / Natalia Lafourcade
4.Tus Ojitos (Vals de la Guardia Vieja) [Your Eyes (Waltz of the Old Guard)] / Tradicional
5.Duerme Negrito / Tradicional
6.Luz de Luna (Light of the Moon) / Álvaro Carrillo
7.Derecho de Nacimiento (Birthright) / Natalia Lafourcade
8.Eclipse / Margarita Lecuona
9.La Llorona (The Crying Woman) / Tradicional
10.Desdeñosa (Disdainful Woman) feat. Omara Portuondo & Eugenia León / Benigno Lara Foster
11.Te Sigo (I Follow You) / Óscar Avilés
12.Humanidad / Alberto Domínguez
13. Gavota (Gavotte) / Manuel María Ponce