Locos por Juana Release”Te Quiero Ver”

Locos por Juana Release”Te Quiero Ver”

Featuring Zumba Founder Beto Exclusively On Zumba's Global Plataform

Locos por Juana’s new dance track, “Te Quiero Ver” was released this week exclusively on Zumba’s ZIN global network. This Cumbia/Carribbean rhythmic track features dynamic creative founder of Zumba, Beto Perez. Perez shares, “These guys are supremely talented and are bringing their Caribbean rhythm to Zumba with this song, “Te Quiero Ver.” It was a pleasure to collaborate with them and we are going to do more projects together.”

The track is a stand out and spreading across the globe with fans declaring it a hit. Dancers from Siberia, Brazil, France Turkey, Spain and even a police battalion from Colombia have posted their choreographies and performances and these have been shared on Locos por Juana’s, Beto’s and Zumba’s social media. YouTube is also featuring great new behind-the-scenes footage of when the band recently joined Beto for a Facebook Live ride and special visit to meet the Zumba team at their offices in Hollywood, FL:

Locos por Juana have joined the lineup of talent that will perform on the Zumba cruise that sets sail from Miami on Sunday, April 8. “Te Quiero Ver” is the official song of the cruise that will go to La Costa Maya and Gran Cayman, before returning on April 13. The band gave a live preview of “Te Quiero Ver” during their performance at Ritmo Doral last Saturday, March 31, evoking a fabulous response. The audience turned the Downtown Doral Park into a dance floor, a clear indication of what’s to come.