Jorge Drexler Presents: Pongamos Que Hablo de Martínez

Jorge Drexler Presents: Pongamos Que Hablo de Martínez

Jorge Drexler unveils the third and latest single leading up to the release of his imminent album “Salvavidas De Hielo.” Last Friday, he debuted his song “Pongamos que hablo de Martinez,” with an acoustic performance for his followers during a Facebook Live. The lyrics of the song speak on a night that Jorge will forever remember (according to what he says in the song). During an evening out in December 1994, at Bar Lobizon in Montevideo, he met Joaquin Sabina and after a night of barhopping around the city, Sabina advised him to travel to Madrid to try his luck. Those words replayed in the artist’s head, and years later they transitioned into a successful career and garnered feelings of eternal appreciation. This song was composed by Jorge Drexler to thank the great Sabina for his wise words.

Thanks to a photographer named Ruben Gimenez, that memorable scene from that night was documented in a still photo that, to this day, Jorge holds with deep sentiment, and it has been used to narrate the story within the lyric video seen ahead.

On September 22, Jorge Drexler’s thirteenth studio album, “Salvavidas de Hielo,” will be released. To celebrate this very special occasion, on September 21, Jorge will host a Facebook Live, where he will present the songs from his new production.

The Uruguayan singer/songwriter is preparing to embark on a tour that will take him through the American continent, traveling to countries such as Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Mexico and will arrive in Spain on October 28th where he will begin touring with his first stop in Girona. Next up he will also be announcing show dates in the US, Brazil, Colombia, Peru and more.