iLe Releases Her New Single & Video “Odio” And Shares An Open Letter

iLe Releases Her New Single & Video “Odio” And Shares An Open Letter

How To Kill Hate With A Song

It was one of those days that I didn’t feel like writing. One tends to think that things will come on their own time, but it doesn’t always work that way. At first, we were able to develop part of the music, but I still had no idea what I wanted to get across with this song. I hopped on Twitter and I was in the midst of that impulsiveness that comes from feeling overwhelmed by so much hostility, that instead of tweeting something, I decided to let go of all that rage by writing for myself. I normally stop to analyze my emotions, but I was so annoyed that day that what I needed to do was to express myself. I felt indignant about the ways we deal with what makes us different. Is it because we are so fearful of our own demons that we let ourselves be overcome by hate? The words were flowing as I tried to purge myself of what destroys us. Writing led me to finding strength in my own vulnerability. What started out as a way to get something off my chest turned into a song without me realizing it.

It’s always a challenge to translate a song into visual images without limiting its meaning. While our team gave it a lot of thought, an idea sprang forth that captivated us all. The video narrates part of what is known in Puerto Rico as the Cerro Maravilla case, one of the most dramatic criminal cover-ups in the history of our nation. In 1978, two young Puerto Rican independence activists egged on by an undercover agent were tortured and killed by members of the Puerto Rico Police Department which also had contacts with the United States Justice Department. During this era in which the suffocating colonial situation that Puerto Rico has always lived under is more in the background, almost all that’s left for us to do is to remember, by way of a story, so we can maintain our memory as a nation. The video shows just one example of what continues to occur, not only on this island but all around the world in different political and day-to-day contexts.

This song is my emotional payback. We are still manipulated by the hate that we feed. If we want to live in a world guided by love, we have to make the effort to look within and find ourselves in our fellow human beings.