From the heart of Wynwwod, the Arts district of Miami, comes TAMBOKA, a Gypsy Latin Jungle Jazz Cumbia fusion ensemble, in other words, roots revival.

From the heart of Wynwwod, the Arts district of Miami, comes TAMBOKA, a Gypsy Latin Jungle Jazz Cumbia fusion ensemble, in other words, roots revival.

An 8 track self-titled album debut is out now. First single entitled "Evol" (Love backwards)

A love for roots, playing real instruments and conveying a message of Unity through music brings together Tamboka, Miami’s well cherished band, to the world.

Tamboka band Tamboka band Tamboka band

The March against Monsanto – Bayer that took place worldwide last May 20th, had a special meaning for Tamboka, the multicultural Miami based collective that in the past 6 years have been creating songs to raise awareness about the environment, animal rights, food manipulation and human condition. The band performed a set to folks that gather after the march in a pub in Wynwood venue called Toejam Backlot. “We felt a great energy and a powerful protest”, said Nay Rozé, violinist and lead singer of Tamboka, who along with multi-instrumentalist Tyrone Iregui and other fellow coeds from Miami Dade College formed Tamboka 6 years ago. Rozé is a professional classical violinist and singer from Central Florida who wanted to explore ethnic music and found in Tamboka a perfect outlet to achieve her will.
Tamboka is the mixture of Tambor (Drum) and Boca (mouth in Spanish. ) No wonder the name, there is a strong percussive element to their music. You will listen to the Cuban conga and bongó, the Colombian Tambor Alegre and the Llamador and the Peruvian Cajón streaked in this amalgam sweetened by Rozé’s voice and violin impeccable performance.

Produced by legendary rock mogul and former US Senate candidate Steven Machat, and signed to his own label, Machat Music, Tambokas sound is a blend of Gypsy Jazz Flamenco with Tropical rhythms ready to spice up musical spectrum for the betterment of Human kind.

Check out TAMBOKA in concert video recap

Machat states: “I don’t know if it’s New World Music I believe it’s Old World Music, it’s rhythms that have been with us since the beginning of man, and what it is is it represents different cultures merged into one, it’s a milk shake, its a garden variety, it’s something I believe any one would like. It’s organic, it comes straight from their heart, the hearts leads the brain and they play their instruments, according as to how the heart dictates. When I had the record being made with them I said, ‘I’m not going to edit you, I want you to be you, I want to encourage you to do everything you can to represent the best you that you can be and then we will figure out the market and you will communicate with people’. The problem with today’s music business is that it’s a business, but they forget that, to have a business in music, you need to have the art”.

The group first single to be released is called “Evol” (Love backwards) an overwhelming manifesto of how love can sometimes be very painful. Seasoned with Flamenco, Cumbia and Jazz, “Evol” will capture you with powerful lyrics and a video that tells a real story of love and hate that was spontaneously filmed during one of their streets performance in New York. “Actually, a homeless couple got into a fight while minutes before we started shooting the video and when they heard us play, they ended up making up and dancing with our music” tells Tyrone, co-writer with Nay of most of the songs.
Executive Producer and Mastering Engineer Eduardo Duran talks about a sense of urgency in Tamboka’s music. “We broke the rules with the way we mixed down the tracks. Beats are off 2 to 3 beats per second ahead. Compasses are 4/4 sometimes 3/4 very common in Flamenco and Latin music. Lyrics are in English with Spanish rap interventions. It’s a whole syncopation of rhythms. You can’t help but move your body to the beat of Tamboka. It’s a new era of inclusion, why not in music as well?”
The truth of the matter is Tamboka is ready to conquer the world as they prepare for a busy summer of performances around the nation.
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