Draco Rosa Releases New Single New Single “Dentro De Ti”

Draco Rosa Releases New Single New Single “Dentro De Ti”

New Album Out Next Week

Puerto Rican rock icon Draco Rosa has released the new single “Dentro De Ti” at all digital music services. In “Dentro de Ti,” Draco sees the train of his life hurtling toward the glow of an indifferent moon and revels in the magic of his own body’s miraculous design, connecting it with the relationships that have sustained his life.

“Dentro De Ti” follows the release of the official “333” music video. The video was created by the Colombian animation team SHARPBALL and inspired by the world inside the album’s cover art, originally designed by Draco’s son Revel Rosa.

‘Monte Sagrado,’ set for release next Friday October 26, is Draco’s first album of all new songs in 9 years. It was conceived while Draco was at something of a crossroads in his life. Having spent years in and out of doctor’s care due to the onset of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, he decided to spend more healing, surrounded by his 100 acre tropical rainforest in Puerto Rico where his love for coffee and agriculture represents an escape from the chaos that was surrounding him at that moment.

“The thing about Monte Sagrado is, there’s a ceremonial park near where I live in Utuado, and there’s a very deep spiritual energy up there,” said Draco. “I went up there to do the first song I wrote for this record, and I started reading this prayer about the indigenous people. This album is about paying tribute to it, and asking for permission to enter that space.”

While recording ‘Monte Sagrado,’ Draco decided to focus on old school basics, using standard rock instrumentation and the energy of “live” analog recording. But even though he was ecstatic about the way the rough tracks turned out, the process of putting together the album was interrupted by the devastating destruction of Hurricane María, which paralyzed Puerto Rico for months.

Draco is a multiple Grammy and Latin Grammy winner, inductee of the Latin Songwriters Hall of Fame, a bilingual, bicultural poet, visual artist, and explosive live performer. The journey of his life—from teen pop star to purveyor of poetic darkness, genius latin/crossover pop songwriter to philanthropist and entrepreneur—has had so many twists and turns it can make your head spin.

The last few years’ battles and triumphs finally led Draco to make a personal spiritual climb back to his Hacienda Horizonte (his mountain estate) in Utuado, Puerto Rico, his homeland. Nine years after his last original project, ‘Amor Vincit Omnia,’ which was also recorded in his self-constructed studio, he’s made his latest visionary artistic statement: a collection of high-voltage rock and psychedelic musings titled ‘Monte Sagrado.’

In many ways, ‘Monte Sagrado’ will be seen as a newly energized follow-up to 1994’s ‘Vagabundo,’ which was originally produced by Roxy Music guitarist Phil Manzanera in London and re-released last month after 22 years at #1 on Nielsen’s Latin catalog album charts. Yet perhaps because it comes out of a period where Draco feels “really healthy and energized,” it contains all of Vagabundo’s mystic genius while pushing the music to even greater heights.