“Cultura Profética” Nominated To Two Heat Latin Music Awards

“Cultura Profética” Nominated To Two Heat Latin Music Awards

Cultura Profética, one of the most relevant Latin bands in today’s music world, keeps adding more successes to its already unparalleled career: the band was just nominated to 2 Heat Latin Music Awards HTV – Best Band and Best Music Video (“Le da igual”). If you wish to vote, please visit www.premiosheat.com/public/vote.

But this is not the only accomplishment by the Puerto Rican ensemble. Its musical print reaches new heights online, where songs like “Ilegal” or “La espera” have been viewed over 46.1 and 23.5 million times on the band’s VEVO/YouTube channel, respectively. “Baja la tensión” has reached 22.5 million views, “Saca, prende y sorprende,” 14.1 million views, and “Para estar,” 13.2 million views.

These are extraordinary and unusual numbers that show Cultura Profética’s musical and social impact after 21 years. The band formed in 1996 and current musicians are also funding members Willy Rodríguez, Omar Silva, Eliut González, Boris Bilbraut and Juan Carlos Sultana.

Cultura Profética has released 8 best-selling albums with an arresting, smart and sophisticated fusion of diverse musical genres, such as reggae, Latin rock, bossa nova, salsa, jazz, electronic, hip hop and ska. But aside from its distinctive style, the band has also achieved an undisputable cultural and social impact.

One of Cultura Profética’s main goals has been always to become a crossroads between music and society, framed in a multicultural world where they can establish an unbreakable, powerful and unique bond with their followers.


And that approach has been, without a doubt, successful, as their recent 20th anniversary concert in San Juan showed: more than 25,000 people attended the performance. Also, their single “La complicidad” stayed on the Top 20 Billboard list during 20 weeks, “Baja la tensión” was chosen iTunes Pick of the Week, “La espera” was a Top 20 Radio Single in over 15 Latin American countries, and “Saca, prende y sorprende” reached number 1 in Chile, Panamá, México and Colombia.

Also, in 2015 Cultura Profética was awarded the Golden and Silver Seagull Awards (Gaviota de Oro y Plata) at the historic Viña del Mar Festival.

Cultura Profética has always surrounded its music with acclaimed music videos directed by some of the most awarded filmmakers, among them Israel Lugo (“Saca, prende y sorprende”), Felipe Sepúlveda (“La espera”), Boogieman (“Ilegal”), Christian Suau (“Baja la tensión”) y Gabriel Cross (“La complicidad”).

The band’s new single, “Música sin tiempo” will be released on March 24, 2017 on all digital platforms. Willy Rodríguez, Cultura Profética’s lead singer, defines the new and eagerly awaited single as a song “that describes in a poetic way the music we make, or what’s music for all of us.”

The band’s followers have also additional good news to celebrate: the single’s release will be accompanied with the announcement of Cultura Profética’s new U.S. tour. Dates and cities will be announced soon.