Carlos Rivera Releases His CD+DVD Guerra

Carlos Rivera Releases His CD+DVD Guerra

Carlos Rivera’s new album Guerra, available in CD+DVD and digital formats, finds him taking off his armor to open his heart and make his music part of his fans’ lives. In this 11-song + bonus-track album, Carlos recounts the decisive moments of his life, his most intimate feelings, his most important decisions, but above all, his most awe-inspiring dreams.

“On this record I have bared my soul,” Carlos notes. Both his soul, and the souls of those who have created an army of ideals worth fighting for. They represent his batallion and his cause. He dedicates Guerra to the fallen ones, those who have had their heart stolen, those who defend their dreams to the point of irrationality, those who love unconditionally – the rebels and those who overcome adversity. Those who dare and who don’t give up.

The title, Guerra, refers to what all of us face in the process of making our dreams come true. It implies strength, bravery, courage and conviction. “War” is meant in the most internal and pure sense of the word – avoiding destruction and evil, in order to battle for our principles. Interestingly, Guerra is also Carlos’ mother’s maiden name. It’s the fortress that gives him protection, love, security, and an intrinsic part of his essence. Guerra may be his second surname, but it’s his first banner, representing his evolution into one of Latin music’s greatest conquerors.

“When one believes in something and defends it ruthlessly, it’s always worth it,” Carlos Rivera remarks about Guerra.

His victories don’t just happen in a vacuum. This Mexican singer and songwriter have recruited the best platoon of producers to help him on his mission: Tommy Torres, Andrés Castro, Kiko Cibrián and Dan Warner. His songwriting partners include Gianmarco, Tommy Torres, Andrés Castro, Jules Ramllano, Daniel Santa Cruz, Yanko, Yadam and Maffio. He also performs duets with Vanesa Martín and Tommy Torres.

The album’s bonus track is “Recuérdame,” the Oscar-winning theme song of the Disney/Pixar blockbuster Coco. This song reflects the spirit with which the rest of the album was recorded, and the success of Coco represents a turning point in Carlos’ life.

“When you win a war, what you really win is the courage to keep dreaming big…”

Carlos’ fans, known as Riveristas, will get to be his close confidants on the DVD’s acoustic sessions, featuring musical direction by Alfonso González Aguilar, the renowned orchesta conductor who has scored such films as All Roads Lead To Rome, Far From Here and the thriller Money. The disc also includes a documentary that gives fans an inside look into the album’s creation, and shows how he became the first Mexican artist to record with the London Philharmonic at Abbey Road Studios. “It’s where the Beatles made history…I’m the first Mexican to record there with this orchestra. They knew who I was, and they were moved by my background as a kid from Tlaxcala who made it to Abbey Road. It means a lot. It’s pure magic and that’s what I offer to the people.”

On September 5, Carlos presented Guerra at a Mexico City press conference. During his appearance, he received several Mexico sales certifications for his recent singles: “Que Lo Nuestro Se Quede Nuestro” (Double Platinum), “¿Cómo Pagarte?” (Platinum+Gold), “Otras Vidas” (Platinum) and “Lo Digo” (Gold). He was also awarded YouTube’s Gold Button in honor of his channel surpassing 1 million subscribers.

Guerra marks a turning point in the career of Carlos Rivera, the most important artist of his generation. Its songs are destined to become classics. Thanks to special pre-sale events that took place in Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey, this album debuted at No. 1 on Mexico’s physical-sales chart. Carlos Rivera will showcase his new material, and perform his biggest hits, as he kicks off his Guerra tour during three historic nights – September 27-29, at Mexico City’s Auditorio Nacional.

Guerra Tracklisting:

1.-Amo Mi Locura (I Love My Craziness)
I was a desperate dreamer who wanted to fulfill my desires
2.-Te Esperaba (I Waited for You)
In the war of my life you had been my flag
3.-Volveré Ft. Tommy Torres (I Will Return)
With the sadness of a story that ended…
4.-Regrésame Mi Corazón (Give Me Back My Heart)
My heart was getting accustomed to you, and now what do I tell it?
5.-Me Muero (I Die)
Asking God to alter time and make it eternity
6.-Sería Más Fácil (It Would Be Easier)
There’s no need to signal or for us to blame anyone else
7.-Bendita Tu Vida (Blessed Be Your Life)
I don’t know how I lived all these years
8.-Te Amo Hoy Ft. Vanesa Martín (I Love You Today)
Where no one hides, nor fears death or solitude
9.-Sígueme (Follow Me)
Could we lose ourselves for a night in Paris?
10.-Grito de Guerra (Cry of War)
What are these controllong cowards thinking?
11.-La Luna del Cielo (The Moon of the Heavens)
This will be our pact
12.-Recuérdame (Bonus Track)


Sessions Recorded at Abbey Road:

1. Me Muero
2. Sería Más Fácil
3. Volveré Ft. Tommy Torres
4. Grito de Guerra
5. Te Esperaba
6. Te Amo Hoy Ft. Vanesa Martín
7. La Luna del Cielo
8. Amo Mi Locura
9. Regrésame Mi Corazón
10. Bendita Tu Vida

1) Guerra
2) Abbey Road

Official Videos (only available on the physical DVD):
Me Muero
Regrésame mi Corazón

Dispatches From The Front:

“This record features string arrangements by David Campbell, who worked on 21 by Adele…”
“Me Muero” is a song about altruistic love, a philosophy of life.
“Grito de Guerra” is an outcry against those who want to force their views on others.
“La Luna del Cielo” is a tribute to one of the most important women in his life.
The official video of “Me Muero” has over 33 million views.
The Abbey Road segment of the DVD features musical production and arrangements by orchestra director Alfonso González Aguilar, who has scored such soundtracks as All Roads Lead To Rome, Far From Here and the thriller Money.
Original members of the Gipsy Kings perform on “Regrésame Mi Corazón.”

Communiqués From His Allies:

“Carlos was searching for something tangible and organic…he is a vibrant guy, always beaming. He is truly authentic.” – Dan Warner
“He has a lot of truth, and a voice that reaches you.” – Vanesa Martín
“Working with him is incredible, because he has a crystal-clear concept of what he wants to get across.” – Andrés Castro
“When you talk to Carlos, the first thing you notice is the maturity of an artist who has recorded four studio albums, yet manages to preserve the childlike wonder of a kid who believes anything is possible.” – Tommy Torres
“He wears his heart on his sleeve and doesn’t have hang-ups about it.” – Dan Warner
“Among his most notable traits is perfectionism, which propels him to work tirelessly and to never settle. I considered my job as producer to find those unguarded moments of magical imperfection, where his voice displays the vulnerability of an artist who reveals his feelings.” – Tommy Torres

Guerra Tour – México:

27, 28, 29- Auditorio Nacional – Mexico City
19- Arena Monterrey – Monterrey
25- Fiestas de Octubre Palenque – Guadalajara
26- Auditorio Josefa Ortiz de Domínguez – Querétaro, Qro.
27- Plaza de toros Monumental “El Paseo” – San Luis Potosí, SLP
10- Auditorio Telmex – Guadalajara, Jal.
24- Coliseo Centenario Torreón – Torreón, Coah.
25- Velaria Fenadu – Durango
29- Palenque Instalaciones de la Feria – Culiacán
30- C.U.M. – Los Mochis, Sin.
14- Palenque Instalaciones de la Feria – Tuxtla Gutiérrez
January 2019
17- Palenque Instalaciones de la Feria – León
15- Estadio Jaime Canales Lira – Cd. Juárez
16- Estadio Monumental de Béisbol – Chihuahua
16- Teatro La Laboral – Gijón
17-Auditorio Miguel Delibes – Valladolid
18- Palacio Euskalduna – Bilbao
22- Auditorium de Palma – Palma de Mallorca
23- Palau de las Arts – Valencia
27- Palau de la Música Catalana – Barcelona
30- Palacio de Ferias y Congresos de Málaga – Málaga (MAC)
2- Auditorio Victor Villegas – Murcia
5- Palacio de Congresos – Granada
6- Fibes – Sevilla
11- Wizink Center – Madrid