Bacilos Releases Its Second Single And Music Video “Adicto A Tí”

Bacilos Releases Its Second Single And Music Video “Adicto A Tí”

Featuring Bacilos’ trademark juxtapositions of heartache and self-aware humor, this pop-tropical song is brimming with rhythm, metaphors and surprises. Perhaps this song’s protagonist is suffering over a heartbreak, but he maintains his defiant attitude towards life. As the lyrics in Spanish say: “They tell me I look haggard, but I don’t let that get me down.”

Directed by Rubén Martín in Buenos Aires, the music video of “Adicto a Tí” features appearances by many of the group’s fans. A visual delight combining elements of psychology, such as the famous Rorschach Test, along with comic-acting turns by the musicians and culminating in a musical performance where the guys lead the audience in some whimsical choreography during the song’s rhythmic breakdown.

“Adicto a Tí” follows on the heels of the previous single “Por Hacerme El Bueno”, which was released in September 2017 and has surpassed 21 million views on YouTube. It was a major airplay hit in Latin America.

Comprising the Colombian Jorge Villamizar (vocals, guitar), the Puerto Rican J.J. Freire (drums) and the Brazilian André Lopes (bass), Bacilos gained their recognition and following because of their romantic and socially aware songs. Hits such as “Tabaco y Chanel,” “Mi Primer Millón”, “Caraluna” and “Pasos de Gigante” became international classics that are universally known to this day. The group has garnered one GRAMMY and three Latin GRAMMYs.

At the end of August, Bacilos will be releasing its fifth studio album featuring all-new and cutting-edge material that retains the group’s signature sound. It will include “Por Hacerme El Bueno,” “Adicto a Tí,” and other songs that fans are sure to enjoy.